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January 25, 2013
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Discover The Determinants of health

Generally, the context in which an individual lives is of great importance for his health status and quality of life. It is increasingly recognized that health is maintained and improved not only through the advancement and application of health science, but also through the efforts and intelligent lifestyle choices of the individual and society. According to the World Health Organization, the main determinants of health include the social and economic environment, the physical environment, and the person’s individual characteristics and behaviors.

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August 30, 2014
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Spring Valley Bee Pollen

Spring Valley Bee Pollen: The Ugly Truths They Don’t Want You To Know About

What Can a Good Bee Pollen Do For Me?

An Amazing bee pollen is one that clearly gives the customer as much information as they need, to know that they are buying the best quality pollen possible; this is something the Spring Valley bee pollen does not do.

A quality wholesome bee pollen supplement is chock-a-bloc with a dizzying array of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to revitalize those who take it. There are so many benefits that bee pollen has to offer, in fact, far too many for the scope of this article.

However, that won’t stop me from showing off some of bee pollens best features:

• Bee pollen has the ability to help remedy problems of infertility, impotence and to restore vigor to those who have lost their libido.

• It can help dampen the pains and stresses associated with hormonal problems such as PMT and menopause.

• Pollen is widely regarded as an excellent natural option for helping problems of the prostate, a delicate matter for some.

• Due to its energy imbuing formulation, bee pollen is recommended for athletes looking to increase their athletic prowess in sports.

• On the same note, as above bee pollen can provide an on demand energy boost for those who need a mid-afternoon pick me up. Bee pollen also helps to halt those craving sensations that leave us searching for sugary drinks and foods at this time of the day too.

• Bee pollen is widely acknowledged as a powerful, general prophylactic, warding off diseases and protecting our immune systems.

It’s crucial to note, that only a top quality brand of bee pollen that is ethically sold and more importantly ethically labeled for the consumer will provide that wondrous lists of benefits and more. The majority of bee pollen supplement manufacturers are honest people who run small businesses, and offer quality information to their consumers. However, there is one brand, namely Spring Valley bee pollen that shrouds the truths about its bee pollen in a mist of avoidance.

The Ugly Truth About Spring Valley Bee Pollen

Well, the ugly truth about Spring Valley bee pollen, is that they do not clearly inform the consumer of where they actually source the bee pollen they use, for their own products.

When buying bee pollen the thing that truly counts is the origins of the pollen. Spring Valley bee pollen isn’t actually all sourced from the same place, it is contracted in via a multitude of other suppliers.

What this means is that even though it may say ‘Manufactured in the USA’ on the bottle, the contents of the bee pollen could be from anywhere in the world, even from China – the ashtray of bee products.

They can label it as manufactured in the USA because all of the final assembly of their supplements and the packaging is done on US soil, allowing them to throw up a smokescreen around the origins of its bee pollen.

Furthermore, Spring Valley isn’t the actual manufacturer of the bee pollen supplements, it is made by a parent company known as US Nutrition Inc. This company does not even offer nutritional fact sheets or any additional information regarding their products, they do not even have a website.

This just puts the consumer even deeper into their smokescreen around what they are actually getting in their bee pollen supplements.

Isn’t All Bee Pollen Just The Same?

The long and the short answer about all bee pollen being the same, is NO! Bee pollen differs considerably across the world depending on where it has been harvested. This isn’t just because of the different flower species within each locale, it has more to do with the fact, the quality of bee pollen, like all bee products, is incredibly sensitive to the environment and its air pollution.

All of that carbon monoxide from car exhausts, pollution from energy stations, smoke and contaminants that freely flow in the air of countries like China eventually end up absorbed into bee products. This leads to a bee pollen supplement that ultimately is not healthier than a packet of cigarettes with all of the tar, contaminants and other foul substances found in the air over China.

A good quality, healthy and contaminate free bee pollen, will come from countries that are relatively pollution free, and have nil to zero use of harmful pesticides and herbicides in the environment.

The best place for any bee product is from New Zealand as you may already know from the country’s famous Manuka honey. New Zealand provides a clean and pollution-free environment for their bees to produce only the best quality honey.

What Would You Recommend Instead?

Instead of dubious products like Spring Valley bee pollen, I wholly suggest a manufacturer who clearly states where they source their bee pollen from, for starters. That the same company also provides customer service contacts for consumers wishing to discuss their products, and furthermore a company that openly displays the nutritional breakdown of what its bee pollen actually contains.

There is in reality only one brand that fits this bill, and boy do they fit it perfectly. You will only find quality supplements from the guys at Natural Energy, including their bee pollen which is of the highest caliber.

They openly inform the consumer of the ins and outs of their product including a breakdown of what it actually contains. Additionally the team at Natural Energy has further formulated their wonder product to introduce extra enzymes into their bee pollen.

These enzymes not only enrich the benefits you can receive from the bee pollen they also allow for a full and proper uptake of the nutrients found in bee pollen.

Ultimately for the sake of your own health it is crucial to, totally avoid the dubious products out there, just like Spring Valley bee pollen. Choosing their bee pollen is a risky situation due to its possible Chinese sourcing, if it is truly the case that they source from China then the nutritional benefits of their bee pollen would be worse than eating the contents of an extraordinarily full ashtray.

Buy your bee pollen from a trusted brand that clearly informs the consumer of its origins, and you can begin to reap the rewards that bee pollen has to offer. If you want more benefits for your body, also try the Yoga and Pilates PiYo Workout Program

August 29, 2014
by Robbi

Things To Do for Your Gynecomastia – Before You’re Missed in All The Parties

Being men boobs is more hurt than anything. Since, your body is the most important which is should carry on everywhere. It is very impossible, taking out your body at home while you are walking outside. People are born with their uniques. If they realize that sentence, men boobs will not get many bullying. I know that is totally very embarrassing, but you should love yourself. Ignore everyone who said negative about you as much as possible.

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People around the world like to look perfectly. Whether it is the smallest part of the body, perfection is all what they need. If something goes wrong, it will be unpleasant. When somebody else find a wrong thing upon you, most of them will judge, bully and do not care with your feeling. Even though, it’s just a joke. Those would be painful. The most thing that you should consider is don’t let anybody knows your limitless. Manage your perfect personality wherever you are. Since others don’t care the inside on you, the appearance is everything. What others think gonna be crucial. Made up a good image will decrease their twaddle. Think about your physical looking, it will work to change their mindset than your inner. You will feel everything better than before. Your life is changed to the best moment.

That condition cannot be avoided for man who has suffering enlargement breast or usually called men boobs. When the chest looks huge, others will say whatever they want. For instance, “Why don’t you wear a bra?” or “Are you a boy or a girl?”, Those questions are often asked for men with gynecomastia. Furthermore, when wearing T-shirt makes the chest noticeable. Stretching it out, so it doesn’t adhere on body. Hide your men boobs by wearing oversized clothes. Still, Pulling their shirt to reduce the shape of the body especially their breasts. For anyone who is suffering gynecomastia, may get many bad comments from others. People are enjoying laugh under your depressing. Mocking vastly without thinking.

My suggestions, before getting to start missing of parties and public life, prior to being the most terrible ever, losing the confidence, feeling nothing, you should stand up. Find as much as information about men boobs. Share your story to the medical expert. Decide to make the procedure of Gynecomastia. Those are the answers of your problems. Put your happiness as a whole things. Keep you’re healthy.

August 28, 2014
by Admin

Forever Living Bee Pollen

Is Forever Living Bee Pollen For Me?


The answer to the titular question is based on whether you want quality and better health or mediocre supplements that are little more than a waste of money. I’m going to take the assumption here, which you are in search of better health and not an effective way of wasting your income!

If you do wish to, just give away your money for a product with little effect, and then by all mean consider using Forever Living bee pollen. It has remarkably little benefits, is most likely harvested from polluted countries and offer little information for the consumer to learn about their product.

Just Throw Away Those Silver Dollars

In the world of bee pollen, information is key. Only informed customers can be happy and trust that the company they are purchasing from has their interests at heart and not dollar symbols in their eyes.

A good bee pollen company will provide the customer with a complete, advanced nutritional breakdown of their supplement. Ideally it would contain the following if not more: Calories, daily allowances, daily percentages, fats, carbs, sugars, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and most importantly the exact amounts these are found within the product.

Forever living bee pollen, fails to do this, in fact, they even fail to provide the amount of calories an average measure of what their bee pollen will contain. The only nutritional information freely available on their product is what the average amount should be.

If Information Was Riches, Then Xtend Life Would Be The Richest!

In comparison, Xtend Life bee pollen is more than transparent with what their supplement contains. They offer one of the best nutritional breakdowns available. You will be amazed at the level of detail they will openly give you as a customer, to ensure you can make an informed purchase.

Another reason that buying Forever Living bee pollen is akin to throwing money down the drain is because they outright refuse to label their products or website with the country of origin for their products. This is incredibly shoddy, because as the consumer you want to make sure you have a quality product, free from pollutants and even more so free from the exploitation of local people. By not providing the country of origin, how can we as customers truly trust the product. Bee pollen can be a truly effective supplement for your health, if from the right place. For more benefits from great products, look at the mole removal at home.

Forget Forever Living, They Are Forever Wasting Your Money

Once again Xtend Life shows Forever Living bee pollen how it should be done, by endorsing their products with the actual location of its pollen. Xtend Life bee pollen is harvested from their very own apiaries in New Zealand. What’s even better is that they also provide the city in which It is collected from, Canterbury, allowing the consumer to trust the company through its honesty.

If you truly want to better your life, then the answer you need to the titular question is a firm NO!

Forever living bee pollen is not a quality product, it refuses to meet the basic level of informational decency that customers need and instead just leaves us guessing at the possibilities of what is in their products!

August 26, 2014
by Gedet

Bring Positivity in Thinking for Better Life

It’s a fact of life that while some prefer to sail through life with rose-colored specs, others view everything around with jaundiced eyes. There is an old fable about how a man keeps fretting about not having shoes till he sees a child with no feet. So it’s all a point of view, a manner of perception, really. For example a negative person will fret about everything in life, while a positive person will be happy with what he has and try and improve everything that is negative around him.

People who are negative are usually self-centered, critical and very difficult to live with. Imagine a joyous picnic or a happy family party and then remember the grumbler! He or she will complain about the food, the ants, the children, the weather, even if it is a perfect day. Nothing satisfies the person, everything is a just another reason to complain. Happy people on the other hand will find something to be cheerful about even if it rains!

A well-known CEO takes the interview of his prospective senior employees in restaurants. He looks at the way they behave with the staff. If he catches them being critical or rude, they are promptly rejected.  If he sees them being wonderfully positive even if the waiter spills soup on their clothes, they are hired, especially if they go out of their way to reassure the disturbed restaurant staff. He even asks his receptionist about the phone etiquette of the prospective employee and does not give them the time of day if he finds they have been uncivil. People who have a positive view about life are ready to deal with people in a way that causes them least offense. They are able to better deal with situations and even help others in a bad situation. Most importantly, they never think to shift the blame onto someone or something.

The trick is to be content. Be content with your children, their grades and performances. Then they will do their best. Be content with your job and you will do your best. Be happy with your friends, they will want to be around you. Be content when you go to see a show and your evening will be well spent. Find joy in the soft sunshine of the morning, the gentle patter of the rain, the smile on your partner’s face. Be content in all the little and big things in life. If you dwell on life’s shortcomings, then you will never ever be content, and that will make you negative about everything.

This does not imply that one should be laid-back and not seek to achieve anything. Being content does not mean being passive. It just means you’re going forward from a happy place into a better one. Wanting more is a natural human need. In fact human beings have progressed because of their need to get more out of life. But being fretful about a situation doesn’t help and only spoils things for everyone around.

One cannot close one’s eyes and be ready to accept or see good in all that is negative around us. Positive people are in fact aware of what is wrong, but they know that complaining about it doesn’t fix it. Instead they choose to lead by example, and have more energetic and creative ways to combat and change all that is negative around them. And it’s done with a smile, not a whine…with humor not with resentment.

Try to live a healthy lifestyle.

August 22, 2014
by Jorge

Get Fast Weight Loss Results with Herbal Supplements That Work

Losing weight can be a challenge. However, you can make it easier by using the right herbal supplements in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Having the right tools in your weight loss arsenal can make it easier to reach your short-term and long-term goals.

Difficulty losing weight is a common problem that is faced by men and women alike. Sometimes it can feel like no matter what you do, those stubborn pounds simply won´t budge. When you are doing everything right and still not seeing results, it is tempting to fall prey to one of the many weight loss products that promise immediate results. More about it here Unfortunately, in most cases these products don´t live up to their promises. Instead of losing weight, all you will lose is the money that you spend on over-hyped products.

Fortunately, however, there are some products that can help you reach your weight loss goals. Herbal supplements in particular are very effective helping people lose weight. Keep in mind that not all herbal products will work for every person. Each individual´s body is unique, so what works for one person might not work for another. You may need to try several different types of herbal supplements, diet plans and fitness programs until you find the right combination for your body.

One herbal supplement that has a proven track record of helping people lose weight is green tea. Unlike sodas and soft drinks that are high in sugar and calories and do nothing to promote health, green tea has incredible antioxidant properties that fight free radicals and support your body´s overall health. You can take advantage of the benefits of green tea either by drinking the tea, or by taking it as a supplement in pill form. Both methods are effective for weight loss. Just keep in mind that if you take it in its pill form rather than its liquid form, you still need to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

Changing your body composition requires major changes to your diet and fitness routine. If you want to lose fat, you need to increase the amount of calories you burn each day, while at the same time reducing the amount of food you consume. A properly designed diet and exercise program can help you stay on track toward your weight loss goals. For an even more effective program, you can also include herbal supplements like green tea in your weight loss routine. By doing so, you can support your overall health, while at the same time promoting faster weight loss.